Pro Dev Track


Discover the advantages of having a global network of scholars, professionals, and students. Each committee offers a wide variety of opportunities (resume workshops, monthly events, career intern panels, conferences, mock interviews, etc) to build your knowledge and career.

Health Science Committee

Business | Tech Committee


Engineering Committee

Health Science Committee

Health Sciences Committee

Health Science Committee

Social Sciences Committee

Social Sciences Committee

Tutoring Committee


When are ProDev Events?

ProDev events are hosted by ABSA Network every Wednesday from 4:30pm – 5:30pm PDT.

Who can attend ProDev Events?

ProDev events are open to all everyone including ABSA Chapters, ABSA Members, Student Organizations, Youth Groups, and Students. Students of all ages are welcome.

Are ProDev Events free? How Can I Register?

ProDev events are free! ABSA Network greatly appreciates donations to continue funding our ProDev events, raffle prizes, student scholarships, and more! Register for our ProDev events on the “Events” page of the website.

What are the benefits of attending ProDev Events?

ABSA’s ProDev events provide students and emerging industry professionals with opportunities to network with industry professionals, ask questions, gain mentorship, and grow their peer network. Events are interactive and guest speakers from various companies & industries speak at each event.

ProDev Questions?