Starting a new ABSA Chapter

Why start an ABSA Chapter

As a student-driven initiative, an ABSA chapter offers a unique platform to build a vibrant community, deepen your understanding of Shi’a teachings, and hone your leadership skills. By establishing an ABSA Chapter, you’re not just creating a space for religious and spiritual exploration; you’re becoming a catalyst for positive change on your campus. Join us in fostering unity, inspiring others, and leaving a lasting impact.

How to get started

Schedule a meeting with the ABSA team to discuss registration.

You will meet our Mission Director, Sheikh Faiyaz, President, & VP of Chapter Relations to discuss your ABSA Chapter’s registration, event plans, student involvement, and more.

Complete and submit the registration form

You will need to complete the registration form prior to the meeting with our ABSA team

Officially register the ABSA chapter at your university following their regulations

Visit the Student involvement/Student Leadership office of your high school/university to officially register an ABSA Chapter on your campus. The student involvement office will inform you about club registration, officer elections policies, and can provide your chapter with funding.

Helpful Information & Resources

University/College Regulations
Programs & Events
Funding accessibility
Board and attendees
Considerations before starting an ABSA chapter

Resources you can access once starting a chapter at your academic institution:

Event planning resources

Event idea packages, membership templates, meeting ideas, scholar/speaker databases

Monthly Mailer

ABSA events, job/internship opportunities, marketing for ABSA Chapters, and more.

Access to ABSA Chapter scholarships

*scholarships are based on ABSA Chapter/member participation in our EduDev + ProDev tracks

Muslim Ambassadors Program

Islamic Studies/Quran Learning Track

Access to ALL ABSA Network programs

Monthly Career Committee Events

Student Internship Programs

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