How can I start a ABSA chapter on my high school/college campus?


Visit the Student involvement/Student Leadership office of your high school/university to officially register an ABSA Chapter on your campus 

    • The student involvement office will inform you about club registration, officer elections policies,  and can provide your chapter with funding


Schedule a meeting with our VP of Chapter Relations to discuss your ABSA Chapter’s goals, event plans, student involvement, and more. In addition, receive access to ABSA Network resources including event packages, scholarship opportunities, speakers, student internship programs, and more. 


Name Goes Here

Name Goes Here

VP of Chapter Relations

Member Perks

Join us to get the benefits of opening an ABSA Chapter with ABSA Network

Access to exclusive ABSA Chapter Resources (event packages, membership templates, meeting ideas, and more)

Access to our Scholar/Speaker database


Monthly Mailer (ABSA events, job/internship opportunities, marketing for ABSA Chapters, and more)

Access to ABSA Chapter scholarships (*scholarships are based on ABSA Chapter/member participation in our EduDev + ProDev tracks)

Share your ABSA Chapter’s events and ideas with ABSA Network to create programs that can be a model for ABSA Chapters and students around the world

Access to ALL ABSA Network programs

    • Monthly Career Committee Events
    • Student Internship Programs
    • Muslim Ambassadors Program (Islamic Studies/Quran Learning Track)

Join a community of scholars, educators, professionals, and students to bring your chapter to expand your chapter’s network and opportunities

Market your ABSA Chapter by featuring recent events and social media links onto our website and the ABSA Chapter blog 

Whom to contact for questions or advice?

Name Goes Here

Name Goes Here

VP of Chapter Relations