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Discover the advantages of having a global network of scholars, professionals, and students. Each committee offers a wide variety of opportunities (resume workshops, monthly events, career intern panels, conferences, mock interviews, etc) to build your knowledge and career.

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Youth Learning Track


RCIP Student Internship

Social Sciences Committee

Safinat Ul Ilm

EduDev FAQ's

Who is eligible to sign up/apply?

EduDev Programs are open to all ABSA Chapters, ABSA Members, & Students from around the globe. The RCIP Student Internship Program is open to  High School & College Students. The Safinat Ul Ilm & Youth Learning Track Programs are open to Middle, High School, & College Students.

How do I apply?

Visit our EduDev Program pages to learn more about our programs, opportunities, and past projects. Complete the registration form on the respective page to apply the respective program

How long is each program?

The RCIP Fall 2021 Student Internship begins on October 15th and ends on December 15th. Students accepted to the RCIP Fall 2021 program will have the opportunity to work on research with Sheikh Faiyaz Jaffer, ABSA Network’s Mission Director & the Associate Chaplain for the Center of Global & Spiritual Life at NYU. The RCIP Summer 2022 Student Internship Program will open in May 2022.

The Youth Learning Track Program is a two year self-paced, asynchronous program that offers online courses each semester and a monthly interactive Q&A session with Sheikh Shomali. Upon completion of the two year program, students may be awarded certificates, scholarships, and more.

The Safinat Ul Ilm Project is a marketing & graphic design initiative to create Islamic content that can be beneficial to ABSA Chapters & ABSA Students. Check out the Safinat Ul Ilm page to see the Muhuram 2020 Series. Students interested in any of the following areas: Marketing, Graphic Design, Art & Media, Writing, Content Editing, or Project Management are especially encouraged to sign up for this project.


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